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Client Testimonials

The Exhibit 8 team always strives to produce websites that go above and beyond our clients' expecations.

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Pat Hertzog is a superlative web & e-commerce designer. Our business has increased threefold since hiring him. Pat is highly competent, artistic, efficient & personable. In addition, he has always made himself available for answering questions and has even taken the time to train some of our staff.
- D.J. Luckey, KBCamera.com
Patrik Hertzog consistently solves my most complicated web programming nightmares. His ability to fully understand complex web projects, and pay close attention to all of the aspects that bring them to total functionality, makes my life so much easier. Patrik is a great communicator and a friendly person, which makes working on big projects with him a treat. I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Patrik and am very grateful to be working with him.
- Peter James, Photographer and Website Artist
Patrik designed my site, in its entirety, based only on loose suggestions I'd given him about content and layout. His creativity, knowledge and willingness to take suggestions were invaluable. I needed my site to be both informative and eye-catching, as well as being easy to navigate, and Patrik was incredibly accommodating; willing to make short-notice changes, always friendly in our interaction, and very inclusive of me in the process. If I ever want the site re-designed, Patrik is the first person I'll contact.
- Kasey Anderson, Musician
Mr. Hertzog has an uncanny sense of practicality in his design. He produces smooth, streamlined sites that do not compromise effectiveness and attractiveness. Pat designed our most visited site, http://whatcom.wsu.edu/cranefly in 2002 in such a way that it has not lost its appeal. Most other sites I've worked on became dated quickly. Pat is the easiest, most efficient web designer out there and I plan on seeking his expertise in all my web projects.
- Todd Murray, Washington State University
If you're looking for a web developer that's responsive to your needs, Patrik Hertzog is your answer. I have worked with Patrik for over 2 years now and our sites have made great strides. Of course, we're looking forward to lengthening our 'web stride' and reach with Patrik as we continue to grow our online properties such as CoolerGadgets.com, NeoWrap.com, BevNeck.com and BottleTool.com.
- Curt Silbert, Founder of Motivational Creations
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Web Design, Website Development, Web Hosting, Bellingham, Whatcom County, Washington State, Vancouver BC